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Twelve Useful Home Remedies

Twelve Useful Home Remedies

Home remedies might not be miracle cures, but they are sturdy and time-tested. There are many situations where conventional medicine might not be available or wanted, and having an easily accessible alternative can be a great relief. This post is not intended to provide medical advice; this information is posted solely for informational purposes. Aching muscles Outdoors activities can lead to[Read More…]

by May 13, 2014 0 comments Homesteading
Making the Case for Solar Energy

Making the Case for Solar Energy

Most Americans have no choice in choosing their energy provider, along with what manner of electricity is provided to them. In most parts of the country, residents only have one utility company to choose from, and consumers who may have objections to nuclear or coal power have no other choice but to accept  power from their local provider. And with[Read More…]

by May 7, 2014 0 comments Homesteading
Bucket of Bolts collected over the years

Learning Survivalism from Pack Rats

Spring is definitely here! And summer is creeping up around the corner! While you may have already gone through your own spring-cleaning, there are many of us who, lets say, have mastered the art of procrastination. My Father on the other hand, always starts his spring-cleaning in the beginning of March. Rain, Snow, or Shine, it didn’t matter to him,[Read More…]

by May 4, 2014 0 comments Homesteading