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50 Wilderness Survival Tips

50 Wilderness Survival Tips

UK YouTuber AlfieAesthetics shares his top 50 tips for surviving in the wilderness. He covers everything from firecraft to first aid and water purification techniques in a casual and engaging way. These 50 wilderness survival tips are sure to give you great new ideas for projects the next time you’re out in the woods. The interesting thing is just how[Read More…]

by October 30, 2014 0 comments Camping
Tips For Building A Long-Term Survival Shelter

Tips For Building A Long-Term Survival Shelter

North Survival shared a few tips for long term survival shelters with an emphasis on cold weather. They show you how to build a modified A-Frame shelter, with one end left open in order to be warmed by a fire. This style of shelter is really popular up north, with a lot of experienced outdoorsmen swearing by the design. It’s[Read More…]

by October 28, 2014 0 comments Camping
Learn How To Strop Your Knife

Learn How To Strop Your Knife

Taking care of your knives doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do have to learn a few basics. Almost everyone knows how to put an edge on their knife using a whetstone, but many people forget the final step: Stropping. In these two videos, YouTube user Zyhano shows you everything that you need to know in order to hone[Read More…]

by September 2, 2014 0 comments Camping
“101” Ways To Make Fire

“101” Ways To Make Fire

Four years ago South African YouTuber RobwithaB set out on a mission. He began uploading videos to a series called “101 Ways To Make Fire” which, predictably enough, explores different fire-starting methods. In the 31 videos that have been published since Rob began the series he shows off everything from extremely practical methods to absolutely ridiculous ones.   Rather than sticking[Read More…]

by August 15, 2014 0 comments Camping
Source: Youtube/Equip 2 Endure LLC

Survival Knife Skills 101: Making a Feather Stick

What’s a Feather Stick Feather sticks, sometimes called fuzz sticks, are one of the best ways to get a fire going when kindling is wet or hard to come by. At its core, a feather stick is just a branch that has had the bark removed and long, thin strips shaved off of it in order to provide more surface[Read More…]

by April 19, 2014 0 comments Camping

Survival Knife Skills 101: Striking A Spark

Striking a spark with a ferrocerium rod is a fundamental survival skill that takes practice to get right. Ferro rods are an excellent, lightweight, and durable backup fire starter, and with enough experience there’s no reason why they can’t be your first choice too. In contrast to traditional butane lighters, which are designed to throw the sparks in one direction[Read More…]

by April 16, 2014 0 comments Camping
Source: Youtube/GeoGeko

Survival Knife Skills 101: Batoning Firewood

What is Batoning Firewood? Batoning firewood is the act of splitting small logs into halves, quarters, and smaller pieces in order to help them burn more efficiently. Batoned firewood is useful for a range of things, from getting a fire started properly to quickly creating a bed of coals for cooking. When you’re in the wilderness, batoning is a basic[Read More…]

by April 15, 2014 0 comments Camping
5 Survival Knife Skills You Need To Know

5 Survival Knife Skills You Need To Know

Some of the most basic and useful survival skills require nothing more than a knife. With a little patience, practice, and common sense, it’s easy to be comfortable in the outdoors without expensive equipment or a heavy pack. As long as you have a good, sharp, full-tang survival knife and the experience needed to use it properly, you can build[Read More…]

by April 7, 2014 0 comments Camping