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Articles by: Ricky Pendell

How To Treat A Gunshot Wound

How To Treat A Gunshot Wound

We hope it never happens, but obviously gunshot wounds are a possibility around guns.  Before anything else the best method of treating a gunshot wound is to prevent it by only shooting with others who are trained to take caution with firearms, but if it happens here is some advice. Firstly, and obviously you must determine if it was an[Read More…]

by July 27, 2014 0 comments Tactical Training

The Truth About Firearms Related Injury

When most people think of guns they immediately think of violence, controversy and injury, but rarely do people know the truth about firearms related injury.  The major reason for this is the negative portrayal by major media of firearms, in particular the AR-15 rifle.  While these weapons are designed to destroy and kill, there is a skewed perception by the[Read More…]

by July 20, 2014 2 comments Second Amendment News

Best Gun Ranges In The United States

Image Source Many of us like to take to the range every now and then, but sometimes it’s not always the best practice to shoot at the same targets in the same range over and over again.  Variety in practice is a great way to put yourself in new situations, or remove ourselves from our comfort zone.  Remember practice makes[Read More…]

by July 10, 2014 0 comments Tactical Training

What You Should Know About Self Defense Law

For the most part we can probably assume that if you’re here you most likely own a gun or have some interest in the matters of home and public self defense.  You may keep a firearm at home for self defense, which is wise, but do you know the legality surround this issue?  It is important to know a few[Read More…]

by July 3, 2014 0 comments Second Amendment News
Fathers Day Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast

Fathers Day Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast

AMMO!! For anyone who does a lot of shooting they could care less about a gun cleaning kit, or a replica flintlock.  Those items are probably a waste.  Most likely if they wanted a replica gun they would have bought one when they were ten, and anybody who shoots a lot most likely (hopefully) has the cleaning aspect covered.  Ammo[Read More…]

by June 12, 2014 0 comments Random News
Piston Vs. Direct Gas Impingement Systems

Piston Vs. Direct Gas Impingement Systems

Let’s take a look at one of the most debated topics among AR-15 owners and enthusiasts: which system is better, direct gas impingement or piston impingement systems?  No matter what side of the debate you are on somebody, somewhere will have an argument against your choice system, and they may be right.  Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s[Read More…]

by June 4, 2014 0 comments AR-15 Gear Reviews
5 Basic Additions To The Essential AR-15 toolkit

5 Basic Additions To The Essential AR-15 toolkit

The time is going to come one day when you will have to make adjustments or repairs to your AR.  Who better to do those repairs than yourself;  why pay a premium for something you can do yourself.  You won’t be able to with a good set of tools.  Here are 5 of the basic additions to the essential AR-15[Read More…]

by May 25, 2014 0 comments Do It Yourself
How to Track Wildlife

How to Track Wildlife

One skill that may be overlooked before a hunt is the skill of tracking game wildlife.  The following tips will get you started tracking wildlife in their environment.  It is still an art form that will require much diligence and patience to master. It is first wise to determine the age of any track you find.  It is good to[Read More…]

by May 21, 2014 0 comments Homesteading