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Cheap DIY Steel Target Holder 3.60/5 (72.00%) 15 votes

Stand Build List:stand1

Here’s what you need to build two stands:

  • (3) 8′ 2×4’s
  • (4) 3/8 X 6″ Carriage Bolts
  • (4) Wingnuts for the Carriage Bolts
  • (2) Compression Springs
  • (28) 3″ screws
  • (2) Round Steel Gongs

Stand Assembly:

It’s pretty straightforward, but most importantly, the dimensions I used are listed below. With a drill, a drill bit, miter saw, and maybe one helping hand, you should be able to put these together in less than 30 minutes:

  • 1. Take an 8′ 2×4, cut it in half. These are your 48″ risers for both stands
  • 2. Take another 8′ 2×4, make (2) 15″ cuts. These are the large braces
  • 3. From that same 2×4, make (2) 5.75″ cuts. These are the smaller braces
  • 4. Lastly, Cut the remaining 2×4 in half, giving you (2) pieces of 27.25″. These are the long base pieces
  • Repeat steps 2-4 to make another base.
  • 5. Dry fit everything together, and make any adjustments needed. I sandwiched the 2×4 riser in there so it was tight, but not too tight where it would be difficult to remove. I may have needed to take a few 8th’s of an inch off of the 5.75″ pieces to make things fit perfectly.
  • 6. Make pilot holes, and screw the pieces together. Pretty straightforward. I used (6) screws on each side, and an addition (2) to add additional support between the 15″ pieces and the 5.75″ pieces.
  • 7. Drill a hole big enough for your carriage bolt through the base pieces and riser. This bolt will help to secure the riser in place, and allow you to carry it downrange in one piece if you wish.
  • 8. Drill a hole in your riser wherever you wish. I drilled it about .75″ from the top, which seems to be enough to where things won’t split, but not too much where you’re exposing more of the 2×4.
  • 9. Run the carriage bolt through the target, then through the spring, then through the riser, securing with your wingnut.



Build instructions courtesy of Reddit.