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Obstructionist anti-gun Democrats failed in their attempts to block two major gun law reform bills in Texas as the legislative session wound down over the weekend, and now both bills will be heading to Governor Greg Abbot’s desk for his signature.

Opponents attempted to stop an attempt to bring Texas’ antiquated open carry laws in line with the rest of the country with unpalatable “poison pill” amendments. 45 states presently allow some form of handgun open carry, while Texas was mired in policies passed during Reconstruction in the wake of the U.S. Civil War.


Texas lawmakers approved the licensed open carry of handguns Friday. The bill is now on its way to Gov. Greg Abbott, who is expected to sign it.

Open Carry Texas has been pushing for the new law and gun rights in general. Several of its members were walking the streets of downtown San Antonio Sunday, rifles in tow, to celebrate Friday’s bill passing and promote further gun rights legislation.

“What we would like is a constitutional carry, where you don’t need a license to carry a firearm,” said John Valchar, with Open Carry Texas.



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