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11 Reasons Liberals are Scared of Guns 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

1. Most people are home-schooled in their use.

2. Comes in single action and double action, but not affirmative action.

3. They can’t pay a Subaru dealership to do the maintenance for them.

4. A limp wrist makes the recoil unmanageable.

5. No participation trophies at 3-gun matches.

6. They’d rather put a meal on the table with food stamps than duck stamps.

7. Won’t pick one up until they come up with a PC gender-neutral replacement for “cocking.”

8. They believe that exhaust gasses contribute to global warming.

9. Gandhi practiced non-violent protest and look how great India turned out.

10. Guns make it harder to break in and ‘redistribute’ your stuff.

11. They think the EPA outlawed lead poisoning.