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This video by ringsking takes a look at the 10 best survival foods that you can buy at the local supermarket. These foods are mostly dry, with long shelf lives, and are available for low prices. Staples like beans and rice are mentioned, but the video digs deeper than that and comes up with a few surprising suggestions.

Peanut butter is great to have on hand, and preppers who clip coupons can get incredible deals in some cases. Pilot bread, although it wasn’t mentioned in the video, is a great companion to peanut butter that will help fill you up and keep you satisfied. Oats can also be added directly to peanut butter before being spread or spooned into your mouth, and the insoluble fiber is enough to keep you full for hours even on short rations.


Cornmeal and lard are also excellent staples to keep on hand in an emergency. You can use the pair to make a lot of delicious, high calorie meals that will keep you full. For instance, the mix makes jonnycakes, (cornmeal pancakes) muffins, hush puppies fried in lard and more. Cornmeal can also be mixed with spam that has been diced or run through a food processor, stretching the meat even further and giving you a chance to add some extra flavor in the cornmeal mix.