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UK YouTuber AlfieAesthetics shares his top 50 tips for surviving in the wilderness. He covers everything from firecraft to first aid and water purification techniques in a casual and engaging way. These 50 wilderness survival tips are sure to give you great new ideas for projects the next time you’re out in the woods.

The interesting thing is just how many of these tips still apply, whether you’re in America or Europe. A lot of the same resources, like birch bark and horse’s hoof fungus, are easily found in both Britain and America. AlfieAesthetics does a great job of hitting the basics while suggesting interesting new ideas that a lot of preppers and survivalists might not have seen before.


AlfieAesthetics covers a few interesting tips that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. From making your own arrowheads with spent shotshells to treating wounds with astringent raw crabapples, this young survivalist has a lot of great ideas. This video is a can’t-miss source of knowledge for anyone who wants to be more self-sufficient in the wild.