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A lot of preppers and survivalists are interested in foraging, but it can be a difficult hobby to get into. There’s the risk of eating something that you shouldn’t and, if not poisoning yourself outright, giving yourself an upset stomach that can be hard to deal with in the woods.

This video goes into a little bit of detail about some plants that are safe to gather this fall. It focuses on wild roots, which is what perennials use to store nutrients for the springtime. In the fall, roots are at their most abundant and delicious and just an hour spent foraging can secure your calories for the day.


They also mention one poisonous plant in particular, hemlock, which is the most toxic plant in North America. In the video, Laura also talks about a few medicinal uses for wild plants like burdock, thistle and sweet cicely. While foraging might never replace dehydrated meals in your bugout bag, gaining the knowledge you need to find a meal in the forest is a skill that most preppers can appreciate.