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North Survival shared a few tips for long term survival shelters with an emphasis on cold weather. They show you how to build a modified A-Frame shelter, with one end left open in order to be warmed by a fire.

This style of shelter is really popular up north, with a lot of experienced outdoorsmen swearing by the design. It’s extremely comfortable because of the springy evergreen bough mattress with space underneath for fire-warmed rocks.


Although they didn’t show it in the video, this sort of shelter really works well in heavy snowfall for a few reasons. The first is that it gives the user a ton of exposure to the fire, keeping them warm and comfortable even in sub-zero temperatures. The fire you’ll need to build is a long one, which means you can use whole deadfall rather than spending your energy cutting up logs. It can also be improved by piling up snow on the back, sealing out the wind, and using a reflector behind the fire.