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The Bitcoin craze is in full swing, and a lot of people are learning about this amazing new crypto-currency. Unfortunately most of the news stories about Bitcoin tend to focus on the negatives, talking about the currency being used to buy illegal items anonymously. That’s not always the case, though, since there are a lot of online retailers who accept bitcoin as legal tender, and more than a few of them sell the latest in survival gear and supplies. We’re going to take a look at Bitcoin and show you some online shops that would be happy to accept it for your next order.


What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an untraceable, completely anonymous currency that has privacy-guards built-in. It’s part of a range of digital money called ‘crypto-currencies’ because of these safeguards. Bitcoin doesn’t exist in the physical world at all, except for from the few exchanges that offer coinage, instead it’s completely digital. Bitcoins are stored in a ‘wallet’ and accessed and exchanged based on unique ID numbers that, so far, can’t be tampered with or forged.


How Do I Get Bitcoins?

There are two ways to get Bitcoin. The first, and easiest, way is to buy them through an online Bitcoin exchange. These websites trade your dollars for virtual currency at established market rates. Depending on the latest values, you can expect to pay about $400 per Bitcoin. These rates fluctuate famously though, so if you’re planning on buying Bitcoin through an exchange you’d do well to hold back and watch the market before jumping in. You might get a deal.

The other way to get your hands on Bitcoin is through special software or hardware called Bitcoin miners. These pieces of equipment and code constantly try to work out special algorithms for a chance at generating a Bitcoin. The processes behind this method is complicated and beyond the scope of this article, but the difficult mining process is what gives Bitcoin its value. If they were easy to create, they wouldn’t be worth what they are.


What Can I Buy With Them?

Anything. Literally anything. And that’s part of the reason why Bitcoin has gotten such bad press. Everything from illegal weapons to controlled substances and sex is available online in exchange for Bitcoin. The reason that it’s such a popular way to buy illicit goods is because it’s anonymous and easily tradeable online.

Legitimate stores are increasingly accepting Bitcoin, though, so you’ll never lack options when it comes to making a purchase. Some of the best survival equipment on the market, from freeze dried food to tents and gear, is available to be purchased with Bitcoin.


Where Can I Shop With Bitcoin?

Here is a partial list of prepping and survival websites which accept Bitcoin:

You can see for yourself that nearly everything you could possibly need and more is available online, anonymously and usually at a discount if you shop using Bitcoins.