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Springpole fishing is a great way to survive when you find yourself near running water, ponds or lakes. Unlike traditional fishing, springpoles can be set out the night before in order to catch fish while they’re most active. This means you can sleep in and conserve calories until you’re ready to check your lines.

Springpoles are the DIY version of yoyo traps, which are an excellent addition to any bugout bag or survival fishing kit. Yoyo traps secure to a tree branch and automatically set their hook when you get a bite. They’re perfect for catfish, but they also do well with carp, perch and even bass and pike as long as you choose live bait.


Regardless of which method of survival fishing you use, being able to catch your next meal while you’re occupied elsewhere is an amazing skill to have. It’s not too late to get out this year and put the skills in this video to use, especially if you live in a warmer part of the country. Keep in mind that these sorts of fishing traps aren’t legal everywhere in the country, even with a fishing license, but for those who have a favorite fishing spot on private property they’re a lot of fun to practice setting up.