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Is It Enough To Keep Me Warm?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you buy a bivvy sack that’s been designed for cold weather use, it’s possible to stay very warm and comfortable inside of one, even when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Bivvy 1

What Are The Benefits Of Bivvies?

Bivvy bags are lightweight, extremely portable, and very warm. They fit snugly around your body so you don’t have a huge space to warm up with your body heat like with a tent. Bivvy bags are also very stealthy, and it’s easy to set them up completely out of view of everyone else, even just a few dozen feet off-trail.

bivvy2There are special cold weather bivvies made for use in the winter, and they vary from model to model as far as whether or not you need a mummy bag. The best cold weather bivvies are insulated so well that you can sleep in your clothes even in weather approaching 0F.

The portability of bivvies really works well in the winter, too. Especially if you find yourself trudging through drifts or walking across the icy crust on top of snow, you don’t want to carry any more weight than you absolutely have to. Bivvies are a great choice for snowshoers, small game hunters, and anyone else who finds themselves wishing they could spend the night in the winter woods without carrying a dozen pounds of equipment on their back.


What Are The Drawbacks?

The small size of bivvy bags can make them uncomfortable if you like to lay in your sleeping bag and read or listen to music. Bivvies are all about providing the bare minimum amount of space in order to save room in your pack and warm up quickly. They just aren’t a great choice if you plan on camping with your significant other, have small children to look after, or need a lot of room to move around in. Also, bivvy bags tend to fog up pretty quickly and form condensation from your breath because they’re sealed so well. Some models don’t include a mosquito net, which can be very uncomfortably in the spring and summer.


bivvy3Why Would I Choose A Bivvy Over Everything Else?

Size, weight and portability. If  you care more about those three things than having room to stretch out then you will absolutely love a bivvy bag. They’re also very affordable, and even cold weather bivvies cost much less than similar tents. If you find yourself looking for a better way to stay warm while you camp this fall and winter, and only need enough space to lay down in, then a bivvy bag might just be the perfect choice for you.