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Most people don’t have a huge budget for their preps, so videos like this can be very useful whether you’re just starting to prep or you’re looking for helpful hints about how to stretch a dollar. The key is to be able to identify common foods with extremely long shelf lives and stock up on those, rather than more expensive freeze dried meals.

This particular video points out that ramen instant noodles can be a good option for survival, but some people have a few problems with that. The fact is, ramen is essentially empty carbs and sodium, with a bit of fat. It won’t make a very good long-term survival food if you’re burning calories like crazy, but as college kids all over the country can vouch for, if you’re sheltering in place there are worse options.


Aside from ramen, keep your eyes open for instant or old fashioned oatmeal, staples like powdered potatoes and eggs, and of course the old survival standby spam. One thing the video doesn’t mention that is actually very important is to practice cooking with these foods on a regular basis. Spam and instant potatoes can be used in a huge amount of different recipes, but just heating them up over and over for the same bland meal will make you wish you had a case of MREs.