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Check Out This DIY Flashlight Suppressor 3.15/5 (62.94%) 34 votes

This article is for informational purposes only. Homemade suppressors aren’t legal for use anywhere in America without the proper applications and paperwork on file. Do not try this at home.


It’s easier than you might think to make your own suppressor at home. A sturdy steel or aluminum flashlight, with a few modifications, makes a great can. This video, by prepper Amber Stone, explains exactly how to take any off the shelf Maglite and turn it into an effective silencer.

The efficiency of any suppressor comes from the type and number of internal baffles, small pieces of aluminum or steel that quiet and redirect the noise that comes out of the end of the barrel. One weakness of a DIY suppressor build is the baffles, and nobody should expect the same results from a homemade silencer as they get with a professional can.


Still, as long as you use subsonic ammo and follow the instructions completely, steel washers, steel wool or copper scrubbers can quiet down the sound of a shot pretty effectively.