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DHS Informant Says Agency Preparing War 1.00/5 (20.00%) 1 vote

Notorious hacker group Anonymous released a video in which they claim a DHS informant has admitted that the government is preparing for a massive civil war. They claim that the recent stockpiling of ammunition and construction of internment camps are part of a clear plan to imprison the American public.

They go on to claim that the FBI is building massive facial recognition databases for use with the sorts of networked security cameras that are already popping up all over major cities. The same sort of technology is already being used in London, where they don’t enjoy the same strong civil and privacy rights as Americans.


Anonymous also points out that the private prison sector is experiencing a boom that hasn’t let up for nearly a decade, and America has more prison guards than the next 5 largest countries combined. They urge people to prepare themselves against coming government crackdowns, to be able to protect their family and secure their homes against agents conducting illegal raids. Whether or not they’re right, it never hurts to be prepared.