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You won’t believe how much hiker, who goes only by Gary, aged during a 153 day trek on the Appalachian trail. This ex-marine makes a hobby of ultra-long distance hiking, and just recently he managed to complete over 2,000 miles on the trail from Georgia to Maine.


Gary, 44, began his hike on May 10th and finished up in Maine on October 9th. He stayed in campsites, trailside and even in someone’s backyard. The Appalachian Trail has a reputation for being hard on hikers, in part because some of the hardest parts of the trail are hit during the height of summer. You can really see how the sun and exposure aged the hiker, carving deep lines in his face and turning him gaunt and lean.

He chronicled the entire trip on his website, telling stories and sharing photos from the trail. Over the course of his trip he saw a bear being live trapped, hit up a craft beer festival almost entirely by accident, lost his toenails and walked exactly 2,185.3 miles.