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UK survivalist AlfieAesthetics runs through the basics of any survival kit in this informative short video. Whether you’re new to prepping or just want a refresher course, it’s worth checking out this young man’s take on bugout bag basics.

He hits all of the right notes, from insisting on carrying first aid to talking about how helpful a firearm can be in an emergency, and does it all in a charming, casual way that makes for entertaining viewing. One thing he covers, which survivalists everywhere can agree on, is the need to carry fresh socks with you when you’re out on the trail.


Although his video isn’t perfect, for instance he doesn’t mention a lot of things that every survivalist should consider, like trail rations or tinder, it’s a pretty good effort from this young YouTuber. if you’re in the mood to take a look at how they handle survival across the pond, you can’t miss this video.