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prep_2Don’t let yourself be a victim when the shit hits the fan, practice your survival skills in order to be able to make the most of your situation. That’s what YouTube user eNos Armory thinks, and it’s excellent advice. You don’t want to be stuck without access to food, water, shelter, or protection just because it’s inconvenient to spend the time to hone your abilities.  Check out this video and see how many of these skills that you’ve perfected and consider adding a couple more to your personal repertoire.



One thing that eNos Armory and TeamAR agree on is that the best asset you have in a survival situation is yourself. Neglecting your skills in favor of expensive equipment only makes you a target for everyone else who wants what you have. British Survivalist Ray Mears says that “Skills don’t weight anything,” so improving yourself can also help to lighten your pack and make it easier to survive — and thrive — on the move.

Being able to better yourself and your situation is at the core of prepping. Those that aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to learn useful new abilities will likely get left behind when trouble starts. Don’t be a victim, be prepared for anything.