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capture1If you followed our popular ghillie suit tutorial, then you have a suit of some of the best camouflage available just sitting around the house. Next time you get bored, take it out and have some fun like these YouTube users did. You’ll be surprised at just how many people ignore a man in a ghillie suit after barely a glance, even in the city.



The next guy was in Las Vegas of all places, an area not exactly known for their thick, lush foliage. He still gets the drop on more than a handful of unsuspecting people, and gets his picture taken with a couple of them too.



Putting together a ghillie suit is a lot easier than it seems, and with all of the fun you can have with it, not to mention the excellent hunting opportunities, more people should really take the time and make their own. Our in-depth guide goes into everything you need to know in order to make your own ghillie suit from scratch.