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car_1Last week TeamAR looked at a couple of everyday carry survival kits which are designed to be lightweight and useful. At the other end of the spectrum are car survival kits, which can be much bigger and bulkier without causing a problem. Car survival kits should be tailored to your local area, and northerners who have to deal with winter emergencies will be packing a much different kit than people who don’t need to worry about cold weather survival.




The channel EverydayTacticalVids has another video that goes into detail about their extensive car survival kit. They include everything you could possibly need to last for a few days outdoors, including food, blankets, fire starting gear, and precautions against wet and extremely cold weather.



car_2Another user, sootch00 for Sensible Survival, packs their entire car survival kit into an ammo can. Their kit is quite a bit more compact than the others, and they manage to pack a survival kit that covers all of your basic needs while skipping over most of the unnecessary gear. One thing Sensible Survival advocates is keeping an inventory on-hand, packed away with your gear, in order to make it easy to see exactly what gear you have on hand and how much of it you have with you.