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Ytrash_2ouTube channel DIY Now! just uploaded this creative video that highlights all of the different uses for heavy-duty black plastic garbage bags. Industrial trash bags are cheap, easily available, and incredibly useful for any survivalist that’s willing to get creative. Everyone knows that you can make a poncho, but some of these ideas are absolutely brilliant and unexpected.



One of the best ideas in the video is a DIY mattress made from a heavy trash bag stuffed with leaves and grass. Using this method, it’s easy to stay warm and comfortable sleeping outside without so much as a sleeping bag, shaving pounds off of your pack. With the addition of a mylar sheet and some paracord it’s possible to make a passable shelter that will keep you up off of the ground and dry, even in the rain.


Other ideas that have been tossed around before include using the bags for dry sacks, water collection and carrying, a pack cover, and more. Still, the video really highlights just how useful having a piece of plastic can be when you hit the trail and spend the night outdoors.