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fish_1Madison Parker, a survival instructor for Equip 2 Endure, LLC goes into detail about the best way to live off of the land or cook fish in a survival situation. He mentions how much longer the productive fishing season is than most other hunting seasons, and advocates for fish as a survival food in general.




To begin with, Madison spears a few fish in order to show off his skills. He uses a homemade multi-prong fishing spear and takes his catch from a private stretch of river. Madison points out that you should skip scaling when you’re cooking fish on the trail, advice that TeamAR has previously mentioned in our series on survival knife skills. The scales help to prevent the meat from burning when the fish is being cooked whole, over the coals.


Working in front of his remote cabin, Madison builds a fire and lets it burn down to coals before placing the fish on and letting it cook right on the embers. His method doesn’t require pots and pans, or even a fillet knife. This simple way of cooking is great practice for every survivalist, since being able to get a hot meal is one of the best ways to keep morale high.