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Having to figure out a way to store ammunition long-term is a problem every survivalist should have. Making sure you have plenty of ammo when the SHTF, or just to be able to take advantage of bulk pricing, is one of the issues that a lot of shooters never consider until they find themselves in a situation where they absolutely have to. Just leaving your ammo stored in cardboard boxes in a cool, dry place is fine for the short-term, but when you have hundreds of rounds laying around it’s time to get serious.



First up is T9GEAR, who prefers to use a plastic bag inside of off-the-shelf surplus ammo cans. He crams 150 9mil rounds into each bag, before sealing them tightly and tossing them in the can. This method is easy and affordable, although it can get messy in a hurry if you have a bag break.



Popular YouTube Iraqveteran8888 disagrees with a few fine points of the previous video, and discourages taking your ammo out of the box and touching it before storage. He prefers to store the rounds in their original packaging inside of the ammo can. This method fits fewer rounds into each can, which means you might needs to buy more ammo cans than if you used T9GEAR’s plastic bag method, but it also saves each round from being exposed to the dirt and oil on your fingertips.

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