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rice_1Rice is one of the best foods to have on hand when you’re out in the woods, whether you’re on a relaxing camping trick or trying to find food and survive. Rice extends other ingredients, and it can stretch a single fish from a light lunch to a filling meal for two. Cooking rice couldn’t be easier, but there are a few tricks when it comes to preparing it on an open fire. We’ve looked at two videos that show how to get perfect rice every time, whether you’re cooking it on an alcohol stove, propane burner, or even over the campfire.



YouTuber beast12101 has a few very important things to say, although he tends to gloss over them. First, he soaks his rice in order to decrease cooking times, which helps you to conserve your fuel and prepare tender, delicious rice. He also mentions that rinsing your rice might not be the best idea in a survival situation, since it rinses away important calories with the gummy starch.



Matt from Survivalist 2012 prepares a simple trail meal of seasoned rice with cured salami, an easy meal whose ingredients won’t need any refrigeration. Unlike the last video, Matt uses an aluminum mess pan rather than a canteen cup. Either method works well, but in order to avoid singing the bottom of your meal a thicker cooking vessel is always better.