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ditch_1A last-ditch survival bag is an ultra-lightweight kit that only has the very essentials that you need for wilderness survival. They tend to be very personalized, since carrying gear that you’re unfamiliar with and can’t count on in an emergency only takes up space and weighs you down. The idea is to have the bare minimum that you need to spend a few days outdoors all in one compact kit. Popular YouTube channel EverydayTacticalVids shared a rundown of their last-ditch kit, and it really reveals a lot about the individual that put it together.



One point that EverydayTacticalVids makes is that, when you rely on a last-ditch survival bag you’ll need to be on-point when it comes to bushcraft. If you want the same sort of comfort that you can have with a larger pack, you’ll have to create a lot of the things you need from natural resources.


You’ll notice in this video that the presenter puts together a last-ditch kit that’s heavy on fishing equipment and skips snare wire and other essentials for easy trapping. Not everything you carry comes down to preference, though. For instance, everyone is going to want to bring along sunscreen, bug repellent, and some form of water purification.