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multi_1This short video from Modern Combat and Survival goes over the basics of defending yourself against multiple assailants without the use of  a weapon. It’s a great introductory look at advanced self defense techniques, and it’s gotten great reviews from first-timers as well as seasoned hand-to-hand combat pros.



multi_2In this video, Modern Combat and Survival focus on the best ways to fight back if you’re pinned up against a wall by a handful of attackers. They point out that this situation isn’t as hopeless as it seems, and show off a few different moves that can help you get free and gain enough space to escape or draw your weapon.
Modern Combat and Survival point out that, as long as you can free yourself up to move laterally across the wall, you can use your attackers against each other. They really focus on movement, and do a great job of showing off how you can use something as simple as a side-step to your advantage. This is a great video to take a look at, since it covers one of the stickier self defense situations.