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seed_1LDSPrepper, a popular YouTube channel out of Texas, put a piece online in order to help gardeners across the country harvest and store their seeds. Lucinda “The Seed Lady” Bailey covers everything from basil to peppers and melons in this charming and informative video.





seed_2Lucinda covers a lot of the basics of long-term home gardening, including how to select for the qualities you prefer, like super-sweet watermelons, and build your own personally-tailored seed bank. Using the skill that The Seed Lady shows off, there’s no way that you’ll find yourself short of seeds when it comes time to plant next spring.

Her advice is the product of years of experience, as well as advanced trial and error. Lucinda has tried everything, from storing seeds in oxygen-free nitrogen gas to freezing them, and it’s easy to tell that she’s in her element in this video. She does point out that, ultimately, the best way to save your seeds is the one that’s easiest for you to keep up with, since complicated methods typically won’t work if you can’t keep up with the maintenance.