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Artist Sabine Pearlman recently shared a seried of photographs, titled “Ammo”, which shows off the inner workings of a handful of interesting rounds. We’re taking a look at some of the highlights of the series, with a mixture of uncommon rifle and pistol rounds that have more going on than your typical 9mil hollowpoint.



From left to right we have three rifle rounds, beginning with a short-range 7.62x51mm plastic training tracer round. In the center is a Vietnam-era 7.62mm sabotage cartridge, with most of the powder charge replaced with high explosives designed to disable a weapon. On the far right is a 6.5x55mm wooden blank, used for military training in some countries.









These two are 9x19mm special purpose cartridges. Pictured on the left is Cobra “High Safety” ammunition, which consists of multiple steel darts in a custom polymer sabot.  The round on the right is Israeli riot control ammunition, and has tiny shot embedded in resin, set to disperse after firing.









Finally, we have two out of the ordinary handgun rounds. Pictured on the left is .450 Adams, a short, broad British pistol round with excellent stopping power that has fallen out of mainstream use in favor of .38 Special. On the right is .38 Speer Target, a low-power plastic round that can be fired at targets in front of thin backstops without risk of penetration.