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Four years ago South African YouTuber RobwithaB set out on a mission. He began uploading videos to a series called “101 Ways To Make Fire” which, predictably enough, explores different fire-starting methods. In the 31 videos that have been published since Rob began the series he shows off everything from extremely practical methods to absolutely ridiculous ones.


Rather than sticking with entirely classical fire-starting methods, Rob adapts them to fit the materials and tools available modern day. Although he does use a lot of old methods, and is excellent with a bow drill, the best videos seem to come when he just randomly grabs materials from around the house and yard. Check out this video, where Rob gets a blazing fire going with just an empty butane lighter and a bit of wax from his ears.


Part of the appeal of these videos are the host’s ability to turn what can sometimes be a pretty dry subject into an entertaining one, and Rob is a lot of fun to learn from. The whole playlist is available to watch online, from start to finish, right here.


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