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Freeze dried food is a great way to keep you and your family full, whether you’re out camping, suffering in the aftermath of a natural disaster or political unrest, or even if society itself has failed. It has an exceptionally long shelf-life, retains its flavor and texture better than canned alternatives, and is easy to cook and eat even without a functioning kitchen. There are a lot of different options when it comes to finding freeze dried meals, but one brand, Mountain House, has a history of trying out new and innovative ideas and a reputation for delivering delicious, high-quality food.



Their History

The business behind Mountain House brand foods, Oregon Freeze Dry, has an interesting history. Founded in 1963, Oregon Freeze Dry worked with the United States military in order to help to perfect a new generation of rations for deployed soldiers. With the world changing so much after WWII, and technological advancements driving innovation in food science, the military decided to completely overhaul their canned rations and implement better tasting meals using new methods of preservation. Oregon Freeze Dry contributed to the effort, and by the 1970’s had perfected their methods well enough to begin offering survival food to the general public. Today, the Albany, OR business employs over 300 people in feeding tens of thousands of customers every year.


Interesting Products

Over the course of 50 years Oregon Freeze Dry has had a chance to come up with some interesting foods, some of which never saw a wide public release or have been discontinued. TeamAR has taken a look at some of the highlights from the past, experiments that just didn’t work, or products that have been pulled for another reason.

Whole Pork Chops

Although they aren’t still being offered, Mountain House shipped some trial cans of dehydrated pork chops to their resellers. These chops hydrate in 20 minutes and are ready for the grill. Their freeze drying process works just as well on raw meat as it does pre-cooked, and this #10 can of porkchops was the proof.

Fire Roasted Vegetables


Many people think of emergency food as starchy, bland, and very filling but Mountain House has some gourmet offerings that are just as delicious as they are satisfying. One of their newest ones, Mountain House fire-roasted vegetables, have been getting high marks for their fresh, light flavor and versatility. This is the sort of food that’s great to take camping and fishing, since it complements fish and game so well.

Biscuits and Gravy

This long-time country favorite just became a staple of the Mountain House breakfast line, and by all accounts it’s absolutely delicious. This meal quickly became available in best-value bulk collections, like the Mountain house 72-hour survival kit, and it’s been getting rave reviews. It’s also one of the most affordable individually packaged meals, making it a great pick for anyone who wants to sample Mountain House foods.


Best Values

mountainhouse_2One of the things that Mountain House does better than the competition is put together useful, family-friendly, and delicious survival kits. In addition to offering their food in #10 cans, they put their meals into compact 2.5 serving pouches. That allows them to be able to make a wide range of products available, which makes it easy to survive for a few days off of freeze-dried food without having to repeat the same meals.

Whether you’re a casual hiker, a serious survivalist, or just want to be prepared in case of a hurricane, earthquake, rioting, or any other disaster, Mountain House has emergency food on hand that tastes less like a ration and more like a proper meal.