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When most people think of guns they immediately think of violence, controversy and injury, but rarely do people know the truth about firearms related injury.  The major reason for this is the negative portrayal by major media of firearms, in particular the AR-15 rifle.  While these weapons are designed to destroy and kill, there is a skewed perception by the majority of some intention of our guns to harm things they don’t necessarily harm.  Sure, we shoot and destroy targets, and we kill animals for sport and food, but rarely are our guns used for a purpose we as gun-owners don’t intend. Here are some facts taken from the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s compilation of data from the National Safety Council and the Center For Disease Control and Prevention.   These are statistics that every gun owner should know in the event they are attacked by ignorant gun-fearing leftists who intend only on giving ultimate power to a federal government who has nothing but their own guns in mind.

1.  Unintentional firearms related deaths are at an all time low, and these deaths have been in decline since 1991.  In fact the statistic is so low it was rounded to 0.5% of all accidental deaths in the United States.  The key word here is unintentional, too, which is a great defense to the argument that hunters are unsafe, and gun owners are irresponsible.  On the contrary, gun owners are confident in their responsibility with weapons and are among the safest populations in the U.S.

2.  Hunting is one of the safest activities in the U.S. (except for the deer).  Aside from being some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic populations in the United States, hunters are typically some of the safest.  The only thing they intend to kill is the game they are hunting, and in order to do so without any heat from government hunters have been active in supporting legislation that ensures that licensees have some sort of safety training along with it.  As a former hunter safety instructor I can attest to the rigor and relevance of these trainings and also agree that it is why the number of hunting related fatalities remains one of the lowest statistics to date.

3.  Accidental Firearm Related Injuries are unfortunate, but other sports can’t even hold a candle to the numbers supporting the safety of gun-sports.  Only 0.04% of all injuries in sports are represented by gun involved sports.  Bowling holds a higher representation at 0.06%.  Sports that should be attacked and ridiculed for their safety are football (467,731 injuries in 2011) and basketball (536,840 in 2011), while hunting accidental injury remains much safer with only 6,759.

4.  Accidents per participant ratio is another piece of data the anti-hunting population may use to attack the hunting community, but if they do, in fact use these numbers they are either lying or don’t get the statistic at all.  Hunting injuries were reported in 1/2,439 participants based on data from the National Sporting Goods Association.  Compared to football in which 1/19 participants are injured hunting won’t seem so bad.  In fact, the next safest sport in line is archery-yes, archery is more dangerous than hunting with live fire ammunition.  Running is next after that, followed by bowling….people are more likely to be injured running or bowling than they are if they were to hunt.  The safest sport per participant was camping.

5.  Let’s once again consider fatalities for a second, and without any disrespect to any life lost we must defend our heritage as gunowners.  In the home gun related fatalities is the lowest group just before the “other” category on the list representing only 0.07% of those fatalities.  Drowning was at 1.7% and the highest number of fatalities was caused by poisoning.  Whoever argues that guns kill people is probably on drugs in the first place and may be more responsible for accidental fatality in the home than they think.  Outside of the home firearms were responsible for only 0.05% while automobiles topped the list at 27.9%, just above poisoning at 27.3%

I hope these figures help you out.  The next time some loudmouth gun hater tries to argue that guns are dangerous you can agree with them, but then shut them up by stating the facts that gun owners are much more responsible, and probably the MOST responsible part of our nations population.  Then take them out to the range and show them.

  • Joe V.

    I am not surprised that the left would make false statements about gun and gun owners being dangerous with respect to firearms related injuries. Normally when someone is prepared to fight a losing battle on something they know nothing about the just knowingly repeat the lies they hear from those who they blindly follow not really knowing their leader’s agenda. Propaganda is an effective tool that turn a lie into perception and perception is what most people chose to believe cause it is easier than doing research, or handling the truth. So here is where we are today, the Blind leading the blind. eventually when all the dust settles the truth will prevail as proven time and time again in our history.

    • ballhogjoni

      Well said! I couldn’t agree more Joe.