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In the past, the federal government has been guilty of a huge array of offenses against their own people. Even today, as the NSA collects the call data of millions of innocent Americans we’re left wondering at where it all stops. These 3 conspiracies undertaken by the US government are sure to shock you, but they might not surprise you a bit.

The Government Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition


During the 1920’s and early 1930’s when the federal government cracked down on private alcohol sales, they used a huge variety of different methods. We’ve all seen the photos of raids, with barrels of beer and cases of liquor cracked open in the streets, but few people know the incredible lengths that the government went to to stop individuals from imbibing.

One of the most brutal tactics that they employed was the widespread use of poison in alcohol that they planted or sold covertly. Not only did this tactic dissuade drinkers when their friends started dropping like flies, it also gave fuel to the temperance movement who used the deaths as political ammunition, arguing that the effects of alcohol were clear.

government conspiracies

 The FBI, which was relatively young at the time, took the point in executing this insane scheme. They used industrial chemicals like acetone and propene to taint batches of liquor and pass them off to bootleggers. Since the effects of poisoning by these substances so closely matched a deadly dose of alcohol, all of the deaths were assumed to come from overdoing it at the speakeasy rather than government terrorism.

The Government Had Plans To Kill Its Own Soldiers To Start A War With Cuba

It’s no secret to anyone that, especially at the height of the cold war, tensions with Cuba ran extremely high. However, in the early 1960’s, just after the Cuban missile crisis, the federal government was making plans to lure this nation into war by any means necessary. These plans were drawn up by the generals and Joint Chiefs before being rejected out of hand by the civilian leadership and hidden out of sight for more than 40-years.

Now, crazy plans get drawn up by the military to cover any contingency, so it’s not surprising that they might have planned for circumstances where war was in our country’s best interests. However, the lengths at which they were willing to go, including killing the active duty military personnel that they are sworn to lead and protect, crossed a clear line. Still, the military members of the Joint Chiefs unanimously approved these measures.

This plan, called “Operation Northwoods”, was explained in-detail in the book written by military historian James Bamford. It was all kicked off by a phony terrorist attack which targeted both military and civilian targets, including the assassinations of Cuban defectors, in order to stir up public support for an invasion.


The Government Has A Long History Of Planting “Activists” To Give Political Groups A Bad Name

From the 1960s onward, the United States has had a vested interest in keeping the political status quo in place. Radical revolutionaries were gaining traction in the student populations and unrest was spreading. A program that most people have heard mentioned, COINTELPRO, was put in place in order to stop the radicalization of young America. Operations carried out involved planting protesters and using their actions to discredit political groups.

After the danger passed, COINTELPRO was kept in place, however, in order to ensure that the state of American politics was never rocked in the same way again. As late as the 90’s, COINTELPRO operations have been confirmed to have been carried out against political protesters. In fact, many people believe that the government conspiracies of COINTELPRO are still with us today, shading public opinion of political protesters, disrupting organized groups, and maintaining the status quo of the federal government.