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Global Sportsman’s AR-15 laser boresight
is the perfect accessory for anyone who demands perfect precision when it comes to their weapon. This model works well with iron sights, scopes, and any other optics package in order to ensure that your crosshair is on the mark with every shot.

laser boresightThese boresights are used along with a weapon vice and level in order to ensure that you hit what your weapon is pointed at flawlessly, every shot, at any range. The laser perfectly lines up the muzzle of the weapon with your reticle in minutes, saving you the time and effort of a trial and error approach.

For anyone new to boresights, it’s important to keep in mind that these zeroing aids come in two distinct styles. Some laser boresights are mounted in the muzzle, which has the advantage of being slightly easier to use at a small sacrifice of accuracy. Boresights like this laser from Global Sportsman are chambered just like a round, providing the most accurate look down the barrel in order to ensure pinpoint placement and absolute accuracy, although they aren’t as fast to use as a muzzle-mounted model. With a little bit of practice and patience, this boresight will zero your crosshairs in perfectly every time.

laser boresight

The Global Sportsman AR-15 Laser Boresight is bright, accurate, and cost-efficient. It’s a necessary addition to the arsenal of every serious shooter, with unparalleled results and  guaranteed precision accuracy. The video below will take you through every step of calibrating your optics using one of these excellent products.

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