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Is there a greater internet past time for firearm owners than watching open carry videos on YouTube? The answer is no. Beyond past times, they’re informative, funny and engaging. We assume that police are read up on gun laws in their state, but that assumption is painfully wrong.  That’s changing though. Cops are aware of YouTube vigilantes. When backed into a corner by a brazen owner, with video camera and education, cops can be very understanding of your rights.

See for yourself.

You Are Now Being Detained

Guy walking his toy poodle doesn’t consent to search. Asks if he’s being detained and invokes the constitution. Great work by everyone involved.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent. You Sure Do.

It’s hard to be uncooperative with police, but it’s your God d*** right as an American. This isn’t Syria. If you don’t want to talk to ISIS, then don’t say anything. Humorously demonstrated here by a quiet YouTube user.

Walmart. Huntsville, Al

This video is worth a look if only for the ghostly look of the Walmart manager who kicked this AR-15 owner to the curb. He correctly asserts his right to open carry before exiting upon request. No laws broken here.

Remember though, private establishments can ask you to leave if your open carry bothers them.

Albany, OR

Officer Jim Estes was a true pro during this open carry discussion. The three firearm owners aren’t very articulate, which further makes Estes’ badge shine. He comes off a straight pro, especially when he indicates he owns a fully automatic AR himself. Of all the open carry stops on YouTube, this one was handled the best.

Why You Messing With Me Dude?

If YouTube isn’ t the best gift to citizen policing what is?

911? There’s A Couple Nuts On The Street Corner With Guns

The best thing about the way this officer handled the situation is how he immediately went for the joke. The Rand Paul supporting police officer grew up with guns and sees them as tools, no different than hammer or ax. If only all police had the same background.

Come And Take It Texas

The most hopeful part of this video is it took 6 hours before Tom was even approached about open carry in Austin. This cop sets another standard for this list; which is streaming proof that police 2nd amendment abuse is on the curb.