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There’s nothing funny about irresponsible handling and storage of firearms. Accidental shootings kill all of the world, every day. This list is a sobering lesson designed to highlight simple, you could say stupid, mistakes weapon owners made that easily could have killed them or someone else.

Plaxico Burress

The Super Bowl winning wide receiver entered the Latin Quarter nightclub in Midtwon Manhattan with a chambered .40 caliber Glock tucked into his jeans. The weapon was licensed in Florida, but had expired seven months earlier. Burress was climbing stairs to the club’s VIP area when, according to the football player, he missed a step in the dark, which caused the handgun to slip down his leg.

As Burress reached for the weapon it discharged, wounding his leg. The state of New York cracked down hard on Plaxico for the self-inflicted gun shot wound, sentencing him to two years in prison.

Lessons learned: Don’t carry in New York. If you do decide to enter a NYC nightclub with a Glock, buy a holster.

Bryce Brentz

Brentz is a Boston Red Sox prospect who was late to spring training after his own self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Brentz is an accomplished hunter who you think would know better.

His experience didn’t prevent him from accidentally shooting himself in the leg while cleaning his handgun. Worth mentioning Brentz’s numbers are slightly down in the seasons following the accidental discharge.

Lesson learned: Make sure to clear the chamber prior to cleaning your weapon.

Al Capone

Alright. Al Capone was no athlete, but his accidental shooting involved sports.

Should be no surprise that the Chicago gangster was around weapons. The shocking part of the “Al Capone shoots himself” story is that Snorky accidentally discharged his .45 during a round of golf! It’s hard to picture the man who orchestrated the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on the links, but that’s what Capone was doing when he was wounded in 1928. The round hit Capone in the upper right thigh before embedding in his left leg.

There are two stories about the incident, both unconfirmed, believe what you will.

Initial newspaper reports the weapon accidentally discharged as Capone stepped into a friends vehicle AFTER his round of golf.

Believable? Sure.

Capone historians find the second version more likely. Capone, like some of us, enjoyed a little booze on the golf course. A four-some full of gangsters, drinking, gambling, could potentially lead to irresponsible firearm handling. Capone apparently kept his revolver in his golf bag and set it off while digging for a club.

Lesson Learned: Firearms and alcohol are a bad mix.

Jayson Williams

This list was designed to be sobering and the case of Jayson Williams resulted in the death of an innocent man. The former rebounding NBA forward spent time in prison because he’s an irresponsible firearm owner.

Costas Christofi was a limo driver responsible for carting around Jayson Williams and friends around during a night on the town in 2002. After returning from a night of dining and drinks, Williams, ever gregarious, invited Christofi into his mansion for a tour.

While showing off his collection, Williams recklessly snapped shut his double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun, without checking the safety or inspecting the barrel. The weapon discharged, striking Christofi in the chest and killing him.

Lesson learned: The most important safety on a weapon is between your ears.