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1118Hammock camping can be a great way to stay cool and comfortable during the summer camping season. All of these hammcks get you up off of the ground for a comfortable night’s sleep, most have bug nets to protect you from mosquito clouds at dusk, and they weigh next to nothing. Camping hammocks are waterproof and set up much faster than a tent. There’s nothing better than a hammock to take with you to the lake or out on the trail, whether you’re out for a night or a week.

Texsport Wilderness Hammock with Mosquito Netting (Click to go to Amazon)


This Texsport is a good introduction to hammock camping. Unlike the other hammocks, it’s got a boxlike mesh enclosure that holds the netting further up and out of your face. With a maximum capacity of 250lbs and an 82″ length, the Texsport Wilderness Hammock is surprisingly tough and roomy. This is a great hammock for the kids, and it comes with a family-friendly low price. One drawback, however, is the large number of overhead anchor-points needed to keep the mesh enclosure in the air.

Eagle’s Nest SingleNest Camping Hammock (Check it out on Amazon)


Eagle’s Nest makes the most rugged and usable mid-price hammock on the market. Their SingleNest is a bit smaller than a Hennessy, but it’s a big improvement over the Texsport for any average adult. It sets up quickly, using carabiners hooked to paracord, although in contrast to the Hennessy almost all of the accessories are aftermarket. If you’re looking for an affordable introduction to hammock camping, and you’re shorter than 6’2 or so, you’ll really enjoy any Eagle’s Nest product.

Eagle’s Nest DoubleNest Camping Hammock (Get more info on Amazon)


A step-up in size from the SingleNest hammock, Eagle’s Nest also sells the DoubleNest. It’s longer and roomier so if you’re very tall, or want extra room to buddy up, you’ll need the added space of a DoubleNest.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition (More details on Amazon)

Hennessy Hammock’s Expedition model is one of the best camping hammocks on the market. In addition to being a leader in quality, they also are famous for going out of their way to give you everything you need in one simple package. The Expedition features a bug net and tree straps, two extremely useful extras that Eagle’s Nest charges for. The Expedition is Hennessy’s mid-sized hammock, although because Hennessy tends to run large when it comes to size, it’s nearly as large as an Eagle’s Nest DoubleNest.

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