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For anyone who does a lot of shooting they could care less about a gun cleaning kit, or a replica flintlock.  Those items are probably a waste.  Most likely if they wanted a replica gun they would have bought one when they were ten, and anybody who shoots a lot most likely (hopefully) has the cleaning aspect covered.  Ammo is like cash to an avid shooter.  If you don’t know already you’d need to find out what they tend to shoot most of, or what they’d like to shoot more of if it weren’t so expensive.  The best way to get this information isn’t to go sneaking around the top shelf of their closet or asking mom; just ask.  They’ve been around a while so they probably know that father’s day is near.


At first it may seem a bit pricey, but considering everything dad has done for you it’s worth it to pay him back.  Plus reloading will pay for itself eventually.  Maybe he’ll let you use once or twice as well.  When it’s all said and done you’ll be looking at $500 dollars or so but it’s worth it.  Reloading can be relaxing and it will give your pops something to do when he needs to take his mind off all the stresses fatherhood may bring.  


No, not coffee table books.  Model specific books.  An exemplary offspring knows what kind of rifle their father owns, and it’s always good to have a reference to that model.  Find the latest edition of the model specific manual online, or try your luck at the chain bookstore near you, but don’t get your hopes up there.  Catalogs are also good too.  Your dad may or may not know the happening places on the web for all the go to parts and accessories for his ballistics, but a god physical catalog is always good to have.  Magazine subscriptions may sound antiquated or thoughtless, but periodicals are the best way to stay in the know about everything gun.  


Buy your pops a day of shooting at the range.  If you can work it out with the range get a voucher for a day of shooting, all inclusive.  Hey, maybe he’ll take you along.  It might be nice to make a day of it and do both indoor shooting and head out to the trap and skeet club later on.  Heck, maybe you can get the whole family involved…or maybe that’s the exact opposite.  You can work out the details. 

All in all just spending time with your dad will be great for both of you.  You should be grateful there are guns involved.  Happy shooting, and happy fathers day!