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1374This Do it yourself Custom Made Gun locker is used primarily to fool even the slickest of people while also stowing your valuables in a concealed location. It is a necessity to protect what is yours and protect your protection at all cost. This low cost do it yourself custom Gun cabinet and locker shows just how easy it is to refurbish what you already want, with spare parts that are lying around the garage.

1.) First, I found a junked transformer box (or some other type of electrical box), at a construction site not to far from our house.


2.) We stripped everything we could out of the interior and left the locking mechanism of course. As you can see clearly in the picture.

02 - Gun Locker

3.) I already had some spare carpeting lying around for use when working on vehicles (extra padding on the floor), and i cut this to fit into the locker. 1/2 inch ply down, carpeted.

03 - Gun Locker

4.) Went ahead and carpeted the whole thing and added the electrical cabling (this is for the lighting system we will attach later. You can skip this part if you do not want a lighted locker.)

04 - Gun Locker

5.)Right sided picture for view, started adding some shelving and hooks.

05 - Gun Locker

6.) Wanted to show the different angle of the Peg Boards for comparison, this stuff comes in handy!

06 - Gun Locker

7.) Once all the hooks and everything was in place, we went ahead and stood it up. Here you can see it start taking good shape.

07 - Gun Locker

8.) We went ahead and placed a door peg board for our handguns and small arms.

08 - Gun Locker


9.) Here it is in place and loaded with our wide arrange of weapons. They fit neatly in and are snug.

09 - Gun Locker


10.) After we had wired the small LED lights, we plugged them in and got them going. Here is a shot with the lighting.

10 - Gun Locker


11.) Just another view of the lighting system.

11 - Gun Locker


12.) And here it is shut and contained in my crowded man cave/garage. I plan to sell a few guns and store the ammo containers inside the Locker. But all in all, a project less than $25.00 spent!

12 - Gun Locker

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