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5 Household Products That Will Clean Your Rifle 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

1332Your weapon is never clean no matter how much time you spent scrubbing. As a responsible firearms owner, weapon maintenance is a high order. One that requires frequently disassembly and cleaning. There are plenty of products specifically engineered to rid your weapon of build up and gunk. There are alternatives, of course, and they come in the form of average household cleaners.

Personally, Simple Green has always worked for me on everything except aluminum parts. Mixing water in combination with non-toxic degreasers is a cheap and efficient way to keep your rifle firing in optimal condition, when you need it to.

A quick chat with the local gunsmith yielded 5 recommendations for household products that will clean your weapon.

5. Fantastik (Buy it here)

Open the cupboard below my sink and you’ll find three half-full bottles of Fantastik. If you’re the same, you can now open yours and say “I’ll use this to clean my pistol!” The kitchen concentrate is also non-toxic, smells decent and main ingredients are water, alcohol and sodium hydroxide. Make a 50/50 mix with water and you have an easy cleaning solution.

4. Dawn (Buy it Here)

This one comes straight from the gunsmith. Prepare a mixture of hot water (scalding, not boiling) and Dawn dish soap. Scrub your disassembled weapon with the concoction before rinsing thoroughly with clean, hot water. You’ll of course want to dry the weapon and apply your lubrication of choice. The wifey’s hair dryer is perfect for a quick dry as is an air compressor.

3. Windex (Buy it Here)

This glass cleaner is particularly useful after firing corrosive ammunition because the water neutralizes salts left in the bore. Combine Windex with ammonia and and run it down your bore after firing. Run dry patches through with a boresnake until they come out dry. Then go home and keep cleaning your weapon.

2. Brake Cleaner (Buy it Here)


While to the best option for regular maintenance, when you’re in the mood to completely strip your weapon and remove grime from every part, brake cleaner is a great option. Remember that brake cleaner (and many household products) will strip your weapon of necessary lubrication. Proper lube being just as important as cleanliness. Know your weapon and test brake cleaner on identical material (plastics, wood) before using as a cleaner. Most brake cleaners retail for between $2.99-$4.99 per can, freeing up more dough to spend on ammo.

1. Simple Green (Buy it Here)

The absolute king of household cleaner that doubles as weapons cleaner. Buying a large jug of Simple Green ($15) gives you a lifetime supply. Just mix with water and this non-toxic gem will clean all your parts (although be wary of aluminum). Works great on a budget and is just as effective as major brands. I wouldn’t recommend submerging parts in the cleaner, but grab your toothbrush, hunch over your sink and start scrubbing. After rinsing and drying the process shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes.

Simply green.

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