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1218The month of May brought a lot of rain to most of America, as well as warming temperatures and excellent hunting and fishing. Turkey and steelhead seasons were excellent this year, and the morels are still popping in the cooler parts of the country. There were a lot of quality hunting, fishing and survival YouTube videos uploaded, but these ones stood out as some of the best of the best.

2014 Steelhead Highlights

The 2014 Steelhead season has wrapped up in most places. This year was a great one for anglers, with a ton of huge trout caught on camera. Steelhead, a type of Rainbow trout, is popular for it’s large size and incredible toughness and stamina as it fights, making these clips of the 2014 season a must-watch for anyone who would rather be out fishing than at the computer.

Jason From CampCraft Demoes His Wilderness Survival Kit

Popular channel CampCraft has contributor and founder Jason Hunt taking apart his survival kit. Jason goes through the fine points of wilderness survival and shares helpful pointers while discussing the must-haves in every survival kit. If you’re looking for ideas on the hottest gear to add to your summer pack, CampCraft has all of the answers.

FPSRussia Shows Off Some WWII Weapons

Finally, popular YouTube channel FPSRussia released a video covering three of the best-known and widely-used American WWII weapons. It covers the semi-automatic, 8-round .30-06 M-1 Garand, a .30 caliber M-1 carbine, and the .45ACP Tommy gun in-depth, with tons of high-action footage. If you want to see some of the best guns of the Greatest Generation in action, then don’t miss this video.

Spring Turkey Hunt With Leatherwood Outdoors

Leatherwood outdoors shows off their incredible spring turkey hunt in this amazing YouTube video. They had a huge success, bagging their limit of toms with huge beards and impressive tails. This exciting YouTube video covers their hunt, gives advice on spring turkey calling, and shows off some of the finer points of tracking and spotting this impressive bird.

8.5″ AR Pistol Shot From 200 Yards

You won’t want to miss this amazing amateur video of a 200 yard shot on steel from a modified AR pistol. The weapon uses a modified buffer tube assembly along with precision optics and a custom barrel to put lead on the target from a long way downrange. Anyone interested in AR pistol mods or just seeing a couple of guys make an excellent shot will love this video.

Minnesota Morel Hunting With Mike Kempenich

May means morels, and the hunting in Minnesota was some of the best in years. Mike Kempenich takes us through his season and offers some tips and advice that are a ton of help to novice hunters and old pros alike. From identification and habitat to a couple of recipe ideas, Mike has put together a comprehensive, can’t-miss morel video.

Wind-Powered Water Purification

Watching this proof-of-concept video made as an engineering project is a great way to get in the mood for DIY this spring and summer. The students made a wind-powered pump that moves water through a filtration system, making it cheap and easy to purify water on any farm, ranch, or homestead. The concept is so simple, elegant, and well-executed that it’s sure to be an inspiration to anyone who is happy to be putting away the snow shovel and picking up a hammer.

AR-15 Handling Skills

YouTube submitter excurrahee breaks down AR-15 handling in this excellent video. He covers a series of dry-fire drills that help with weapon handling and quick target acquisition before making suggestions that will help to improve your accuracy and reduce the amount of time it takes you to put the crosshairs on the target. A must for every AR enthusiast, this high-quality video from excurrahee has something to teach just about every shooter.

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