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NRA commentator Nikki Turpeaux took the time this March to make an educational video for women offering a few pro-tips on some new ideas for concealed carry. Miss Turpeaux offers practical examples and advice that go far beyond tucking a glock into your purse. In the video for popular YouTube channel PanteaoProductions Nikki shows off her Beretta carried in her pajamas, illustrating how easy it can be to conceal a pistol in nearly any outfit.

concealed carry

.22 Beretta in a covert carry clip

The in-depth presentation covers everything from auto-locking holsters and covert carry clips to smart carry holsters tucked under a skirt. Each carry option is matched with a weapon in the video, and a wide range of calibers are covered. In the video Nikki shows off everything from her compact .22 Beretta and .38 caliber Smith and Wesson 642 revolvers, as well as a mid-sized 9mm Glock-19.

The video is a showcase for some of her GRIP techniques and drills, and plans are underway to release a longer feature that covers women’s self-defense in-depth. Nikki Turpeaux’s training represents some of the latest research and development in armed defense training specifically for women.

Turpeaux and PanteaoProductions have worked together on other projects, including educational and review videos. Nikki herself is featured in a number of other videos, including segments on the popular feature on the NRA’s YouTube channel.

Nikki has devoted herself, not just to work with the NRA, but to take the lead in training women to defend themselves. She founded Archangel Tactical in 2011 to focus on providing personal defense and firearms training. Miss Turpeaux also went on to create the GRIP Foundation, which works with victims of domestic violent in order to provide support and relief to the victims. Nikki Turpeaux, in addition to being an NRA commentator, also won the Miss Houston pageant and judges for the Miss America pageant network every year.

NRA Commentator Nikki Turpeaux

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