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1210-2Knowing basic self-defense techniques can save your life. Sadly, people have been taught to rely on the government for protection, but police only show up after a crime has been committed. Furthermore, there are times when you may not always have direct access to your firearm. Learning basic moves like throwing a punch has been lost in society, but there are basic self-defense techniques that both genders can utilize.


Prevention is the number one aspect of self-defense. Stopping and avoiding confrontation at all cost is the number one goal. According to Life Hacker, the best safeguard is to be aware of your surroundings. Parking in well-lit areas and changing routes are basic precautions. In the event that someone is mugging you, simply hand over your wallet or purse, instead of fighting back. No amount of money or possessions are worth your life. But one trick men can do is to keep an extra wallet that is stuffed with old receipts, gift cards or expired credit cards. Give this extra wallet to robbers, in case such a situation arises. Hopefully you’ll be long gone by the time a robber realizes you’ve given them a junk wallet.

Get Loud

If a confrontation gets physical, it is best to yell something like “back off!” This lets the robber know that you won’t be a victim, and shouting draws attention to the scene. Push the assailant away as necessary to give yourself space. This may not work in all situations, but the loudness and commotion may show someone from afar that you require assistance.

Weak Spots

If pushing doesn’t work, then offense is required. The weak points of a person’s anatomy are the eyes, nose, knee, and neck. For the eyes, eye-gouging or scratching gives you enough time to flee a scene.

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A common self-defense technique is to strike with your palms from under the nose. Aiming for the nasal bones is key. If an attacker is behind you, use your elbows to reach the nose. With enough force, an assailant can also be killed from a nasal upper-cut. The neck is also a particularly damaging area, especially the carotid artery and jugular vein. Form your hand in the form of a Karate chop and make a quick strike, or you can elbow a person’s neck. If an assailant is trying to kill you, and you have a sharp object on hand, slashing the throat is the best method of taking down the attacker in an instant.

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Kicking the knee with enough force can cause an assailant to lose balance, especially at the side of the knee. Kicking the front portion of the knee is helpful, but doing so is less likely to cause imbalance.

Arm Technique

One of the most best techniques you’ll learn is countering someone who grabs your shirt. Wrap your arm around the assailant, come around and trap the arm under your armpit.

self defense 1

Make sure your arm is over the assailant’s arm, forcing him to bend over.

self defense 2

You can follow with a knee or leg strike to the head if necessary.

Another arm technique is simply striking back with your palm towards the face, if the attacker grabs your shirt. Doing so also throws the perpetrator off-balance, allowing you to get away, or to follow with additional blows.

self defense 3 (2)

Disarming an Opponent

If someone has a gun locked on you, there is very little you can do in that moment. Also, an assailant can just as easily shoot you, if you are trying to reach for a concealed handgun. Disarming a person is extremely dangerous, but it can save your life. The timing must be right to physically disarm someone. Sudden flinches of any kind can cause an opponent to retract and pull the trigger out of adrenaline, since the brain of the attacker is locked on the trigger finger. However, there is a way to disengage the assailant’s brain from the trigger. The best time to take advantage of his distraction is when the assailant is talking to you, because the brain of the offender is focused on giving you directions, instead of the trigger. Another good time to disarm the person is when you are following his instructions, or when you are talking to him. However, making a move can be more dangerous when he’s talking to you, since people also give directions with their hands. Grabbing for the gun while he’s waving his gun around can cause you to miss.

self defense 4

The best time to go for the attack is when you are making hand motions and talking.

self defense 5

Most of these basic self-defense moves are derived from various martial arts like Karate, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Aikido, among other fighting styles. Various martial art forms have different purposes.  Aikido and Judo are throwing techniques that are more conducive for people who are focused on defense. Ju Jistu is about using technique and skill to outsmart and outmatch a larger opponent.  Karate is more offensive, using the hands and kicks, but there are different forms of Karate suited for street fighting. Kick-boxing is another basic class anyone can take. You don’t have to attend martial arts classes to learn defensive measures, although doing so would give you a more comprehensive and disciplined approach to self-defense.

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