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Pro-Marksman Jerry Miculek Vs. A Grape 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Famous marksman Jerry Miculek took on a grape from 6 yards this weekend, with an amazing quick-scope shot that was captured in detail using a slow-motion camera. The video shows a progression of shots where Jerry hits an orange and an apple less than a half-second after he snaps up from low-ready. Jerry took the shot against a grape in 0.53 seconds.

Jerry Miculek trick shot

Miculek, a popular and talented exhibition shooter, makes it look easy with just a quick peek through the scope before taking the grape off of its wire stand — and leaving the stand — in a blink. Jerry holds classes and private lessons for shooters across the country, as well as offering a DVD version of his course.

The marksman also spent a few minutes showing off his weapon, with 1 – 6x Vortex optics and his own custom barrel brake. Jerry took the shot with a 40-grain Hornady V-Max load shot with a Viking Tactics mostly-stock upper. His rifle also features a G-10 composite grip and customized American Gold trigger.

jerry miculek ar15

Jerry Miculek is known for his speed and accuracy with rifle and pistol, taking home dozens of national and world titles and trophies. He holds 5 World Record accomplishments for exhibition revolver shooting, including the speed record for 8 shots on target in a second flat. Jerry shares his exposition shooting videos on his website and YouTube channel. He’s been shooting professionally for over 20 years and is sponsored by Smith & Wesson.