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Protein is a key component in the human diet and in an emergency or disaster it may become scarce.  In times where fresh meat may be impossible to find it will be a necessity to have preserved meat in stock.  Here are 3 methods of storing meat that you will be glad to know if the time ever comes.  

Frozen Steak


The first method is freezing.  Obviously this method may not be the most ideal if the power goes out, but for those with generators freezing may be the best option.  There are a few things to consider when freezing to ensure the meat is kept at its prime for months on end.  

1.  Trim off as much fat as possible because the fat will eventually go rancid.

2.  Store the meat in small, single serving packages so it freezes and thaws quickly.

3.  If you intend on freezing poultry or game birds it might be a good idea to package like parts  with each other as they will have similar freezing and thawing times and some may keep longer than others.  

4.  Remember, the darker the meat in the bird, the sooner you should eat it, for example chicken livers may need to be eaten within 2-3 months.

5.  Don’t eat any frozen meat over a year old.  

Pressure Canning Is Tried, True and Effective

The next method is canning and will require a pressure canner.  All good preppers have a pressure canner, do you?  Place the meat in pint jars and transfer them to the pressure canner.  These jars will need 10 lbs. of pressure.  The pint jars will need to stay under pressure for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Any cooked meats will need to be submersed in water prior to the pressure canner.


The final method in meat storage is curing.  Curing is a process by which meats are brined and then placed in a cool place to dry. for a while.  There are many resources for brine recipes online.  A very simple brine recipe that will do the trick.  If you plan on curing 50 lbs of meat yor brine would contain 3 gallons of water, 6 lbs of salt and 1 1/2 pounds of brown sugar.  Boil the salt and sugar in the water and then immediately chill it.  After it is chilled you will place your meat in it and let it sit for about a week.  After you remove it from the brine you will need to hang it in a cool dry place for 1-3 weeks.  Some people like to smoke it as a final step but it can be eaten as is.  

Cured Beef Steaks Sliced to Be Cooked


These three methods will be valuable to anyone who wants to be prepared for the worst.  The best part is that preserved meat is delicious,