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Fluoridated water is dangerous to drink, and it eventually leads to long-term illnesses, along with a host of other hazards in the drinking water. Federal, state, and local governments are doing nothing to tackle the massive amounts of chemicals in the water, and corporate responsibility is a thing of the past, the West Virginia chemical spill being a prime example. Regardless of the what the government says, fluoride is a carcinogenic chemical that causes tooth decay in children, thyroid problems, lower IQ, among other health issues, Natural News reports. Sodium fluoride, the most common type you’ll find in the water supply, is 80 times more hazardous than calcium fluoride. It is very hard to completely get rid of  fluoridated water, but you can take some measure of control over what you drink with some smart thinking.

Distilled Water

One of the most direct ways of ridding yourself of fluoridated water is to place any water you consume through the distillation, a process in which you boil the water and collect the vapors, resulting in fresh, drinking water that is free of fluoride and other unnatural properties. The easiest way to do this is to buy a distillation system that converts the vapors into purified water. The picture you see below is that of a Megahome distiller.

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You can also buy distilled water at the grocery store, but the plastic from the jugs and containers get into the water, according to Health Guidance. One of the best ways in drinking purified water is through filtration.

Fluoride Filters

Most stores do not carry fluoridated water filters, so you’re next best option would be to scout the Internet for deals. One company to consider is ProPur. The company specializes in providing pitchers and containers that filter out such poisons as fluoride, metals, glyphosate, and monochloramines. Glyphosate is a chemical normally found in weed killer, and it is a common element found in public water supplies, mostly due to runoff from Big Agriculture. Glyphsoate has carcinogenic properties, along with other health issues like reproductive problems. Monochloramine is a disinfectant used to purify the water, but its heavy use can result in byproducts that are hazardous to human health. The Centers for Disease Control acknowledged that monochloramine could cause health problems such as eye and respiratory complications when combined with chlorine at low pH levels. However, the CDC will still go on telling the public that the chemical does little to no harm in minimal doses.

Reverse Osmosis

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Using a reverse osmosis system is a little more expensive, but it is one of the best methods in ridding yourself of fluoridated water. This is a system that you can attach to your tap water, securing a 98 percent removal of fluoride, along with viruses, chemicals, and metals. Reverse Osmosis is one website where you can get this product, and they offer systems that would otherwise cost up to $1,000. A reverse osmosis system is one of the best investments you can make, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive way of removing any impurities from your water.

According to studies, there are over 2,000 toxic chemicals found in tap water, including prescriptions like antidepressants. With so many chemicals found in our water, is it any wonder why the United States has some of the highest cancer rates and health problems in the world? Harmful chemicals like fluoride is not just found in water, but food and toothpaste as well. Purifying fluoridated water is a key step in getting off the grid and securing a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, so ignore the critics and establishment apologists who may call you a cook or conspiracy theorist for rejecting this poison.

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