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The NFL is hot on the trail of the custom Redskins AR-15 claiming the football themed weapon violates trademark and licensing laws. At the center of debate is a burgundy and gold AR-15 that showed up last week at the Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly, VA.

Pictures of the beauty circulated quickly online, gaining the attention of league officials.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league was investigating unauthorized use of the ‘Skins logo. The billion dollar sports league does not have an official position on the second amendment, but strictly prohibits firearms at team facilities.

In a short email response Aiello said the NFL does not allow team logos and insignia to be marketed on firearms.

The Nation’s Gun Show is an annual event that boasts 1 1/2 miles of guns, knives and accessories. After pictures from the gun show went viral, the Redskins themed AR-15 was found available through online retailers. Duplicates were going for $1,999.99 before a Virginia based distributor removed the weapon from their inventory, perhaps to avoid the wrath of the all-mighty NFL.

The Redskins AR-15 was given a glowing description online:

“…Nothing else like this ‘Skins carbine exists on planet earth, from the patented swirl-dipped color matching optic cover to the full length black widow rail…everything including the upper receiver, lower receiver, barrel, grips, stock and optic scream the burgundy and gold. As with all of our projects, this firearm is 5.56/.223 made with all American parts…”

Kind of makes me want to get one. After all, this is merely a customized paint job on a weapon. The NFL has every right to prohibit the sale of firearms bearing their trademarks. If a private gun owner wants to paint his weapon with team colors, more power to him.

Media was quick to respond with scary headlines, “Redskins Logo Found On Deadly Assault Rifle” rang one online publication. The debate over the Redskins AR-15 comes during an off-season where the team has been critiqued over the racial implications of their nickname.

Native American lobbyists have fought hard to convince the team to drop the Redskins nickname, citing it as racially insensitive.

The Redskins AR-15 was first reported by the Washington Post via the Reddit Army.