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This is ridiculous, I know, but what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

You certainly can’t find yourself unarmed. That’s the opinion of Florida Democrat Dwight Bullard who filed an amendment to Florida’s concealed weapons bill this morning. Bullard’s amendment would allow Floridians to carry their weapon without a permit in the event mandatory evacuations were ordered.

Like if zombies suddenly took over the Everglades.

Dwight Bullard titled the amendment “An act relating to the zombie apocalypse.”

Gun lobbyist in the Sunshine State argue the amendment is needed for more realistic scenarios, like when the next round of hurricanes sweep in from the Gulf and cause mass evacuations. It’s a practical argument. If you’re being forced from your house, why leave the gun at home?

Senate Bill 296 would prohibit prosecution of anyone carrying a concealed weapon during an evacuation, forgoing typical licensing requirements. When s*** hits the fan, Florida gun owners prefer to be carrying and who would blame them?

The Florida Sheriffs Association is opposed to the bill.

“The bill is crazy, it’s absurd,” said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

Rep. Jimmie Smith of Florida argued the merits of the bill saying that Florida is not the Wild West with shootings everywhere. In fact, the state currently has its lowest crime rate ever.

The Florida Senate briefly took up the debate Wednesday morning before postponing the bill for further discussion. The Orlando Sentinel referred to the bill as the “Zombie Amendment.”

Using the potential of zombie apocalypse our government has actually found a clever way to increase awareness for disaster preparedness. The thinking goes that if you’re prepared for an episode of The Walking Dead to break out in your back yard, you’re also ready for a hurricane or earthquake.


10 years since the disaster of Hurricane Katrina Americans are more prepared for catastrophe than ever before, largely thanks to a public awareness campaign.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers serious advice on their website about what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. In the event that actually occurred, the CDC assures they would treat it like any other outbreak. Quarantine and isolation would be in play, so make sure you stock plenty of water and first aid. In Florida, if Dwight Bullard has his way, you may add your handgun to the packing list.

Politics are a family affair for the 37 year old Bullard. He previously succeeded his father in the Florida House of Representative and just last year succeeded his Mother in the Florida Senate. Bullard also made news recently for his opposition of the Confederate flag display at the Florida Capitol. The display was arranged by Sons of Confederate Veterans to mark the state’s recognition of troops killed during the Civil War.

What do you think Team AR-15 readers? In the event of a zombie apocalypse you’d want to defend yourself and not worry about conceal carry laws, right? Regardless of what happens to Senate Bill 296, if mindless, reanimated corpses began roaming my neighborhood, I’m not going outside with out a weapon.

Arrest me.

  • dubbs

    …in a state of emergency, there would have to be verfiable and ACCEPTED RULES. Like obey local LEOs, and National guard( those that are active and still functioning), be prepared temporarily at least to be deputized, and NO self appointed viligence groups!

    Local LE has a problem with unrestricted gun carry because in emergencies the criminal element will quickly mix in with honest folk and take advantage if the chaos- people are fooling themselves if they think the local gangs arent BETTER organized than the local neighborhood watch!

    And truthfully,not every armed citizen is firearms saavy, been in the military, or mentally ready- panicky people with guns in a severe situation make for dangerous impediments to rescue and evacuation scenarios