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With over a decade of experience instructing private citizens and law enforcement in the art and science of combat training, Paul Howe has made a name for himself as a man whose opinion you can trust. His Combat Shooting and Tactics institute is a shining example of what a small team of experienced operatives can accomplish when they dedicate themselves to sharing their knowledge and experience to like-minded individuals. Paul’s video covers three excellent pieces of gear that you won’t want to be without the next time you pack up your rifle for a few days of hard training in the field, or even just an afternoon at the range.



FireClean is one of the finest formulas on the market to remove carbon and powder buildup from your weapon’s barrel. It doesn’t just scrub the carbon away, it actually melts it. With minimal effort, the liquefied carbon easily wipes away, restoring your barrel to perfect operating condition. If you’ve ever struggled to get your weapon clean after hard use, you won’t believe how much easier and faster FireClean works.

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Whether you’re transporting your weapon or instructing a friend on the finer points of handling an AR-15, the ChamberSafe block and tag is the best way to make sure it’s out of battery. Unlike the competition, ChamberSafe features a longer block that seats deep into the action, so you can be sure that your weapon is perfectly secure. ChamberSafe also has a large blaze orange tag so you can see from a distance that your rifle is safe to handle. There’s no other chamber lock on the market that’s as reliable, visible, and easy to use as ChamberSafe.

Here’s another version of a chamber safe tool on Amazon


SOF Tactical Tourniquet

This tourniquet from Tac Med Solutions has everything you need to quickly stop bleeding and stabilize a wounded individual. It’s made of durable and lightweight nylon strap, and it includes a metal tension bar that makes it easy to put plenty of pressure on an artery. The SOF Tactical Tourniquet can be operated with one hand, so even in the most intense firefights and stressful situations it’s simple to apply properly. It also includes an optional carrying case, so you can strap it right onto any MOLLE webbing and keep it easily in arm’s reach.

Here’s a list of SOF Tactical Tourniquet’s on Amazon